If you have been resisting heading to the gym to train, or enter specialist classes, because of shyness or a lack of confidence in your appearance or abilities, why not think about taking your family with you? Training with your family is a great way to spend time together, get fit and healthy and spur each other on.

Quality Family Time – Every family needs to spend some quality time together. Why not think about moving that quality time away from the dining table or the sofa, once a week, and into the gym. You’ll create stronger bonds from training together and helping each other out.

Hit Family Health Goals – Putting together a family plan for health and fitness is something that a lot of people do. Hitting targets is a lot easier if you’re partaking in group activities that are fun and that each member of the family looks forward to.

Spur Each Other On – Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated and head to the gym. With family there to pester (and support) you this becomes much easier. Plus, if there are any rivalries between siblings or adults and children, this competitiveness can rub off and help push standards higher for the group.

If you’ve been a little daunted about entering the gym on your own, why not head to our Blackheath Better Body Group Gym with your family and we’ll help you put together a plan of action to suit you all.