A sedentary lifestyle is a problem that many people face in the modern working world. Office based employment contributes to a lifestyle that can lead to long-term health problems, but there are a few things you can do to ward off the potential for an unhealthy future.

Walk As Often As Possible – If you know you are going to be sat at a desk between 9-5 each weekday, make sure you walk as often as you can around it. If you can walk to and from work then do, go for a walk on your lunch break to.

Break Every 2-3 Hours – It is recommended that you take a quick break from your desk, and computer screen, every 2-3 hours at least. It only has to be for a minute or two, but stand up, stretch and get a drink.

Set Yourself Up For the Day – Eating a good breakfast will set your stall for the day and help your metabolism to get going. Those who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to want something unhealthy to eat come lunchtime.

Drink Plenty of Water – Water is good for you for a whole host of reasons and sitting at your desk you could be doing something very healthy all day. Keep hydrated throughout the day, and cut out the cups of tea and coffee that it’s easy to get into the habit of drinking.

Cut Out Snacking – It is easy to fall into the habit of snacking, and when you do this could easily be something unhealthy. Cut out the snacking and keep to set meals and you’ll soon see a difference.

At Better Body Group Blackheath we have specialists who can advise on Nutrition and how to get the best from your body, even in environments where you are sat down for most of the day.