Flexibility is important to so many aspects of personal fitness. It is a core component of your journey towards your fitness and training goals and so you should focus on how to improve it. Flexibility will help you to hold the perfect posture and to increase your performance levels as a result.

After running or cycling especially, your muscles will feel a little tight but you can do something about this, to prevent injury and shorten recovery time, through stretching.

Stretch Daily – The best way to improve your flexibility is to stretch on a daily basis. Of course, not everyone has the time for this so you could stretch 4-5 days a week and still witness optimum assistance.

Don’t Overstretch – Stretch to a point where you can feel mild tension but never overstretch as this can cause damage.

Consistent Stretching – For each muscle group that you are stretching you should look towards a total time of 60 seconds. This doesn’t have to all be in one go, and if you are new to training you can always perform four sets of 15 seconds each, until you are more practiced and used to the mild tension and discomfort that the proper stretching of a muscle elicits.

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