If you’re looking to boost your muscle power and strength there are a few ways in which to do so. Here we look at a number of simple tips that can help you get into peak condition and stay there.

Fill Up On Protein – If you are aiming to build your muscle mass but haven’t got much experience in eating for this purpose you might have a bit of a culture shock awaiting you. When training it is recommended that you consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This level of protein will help you not only build your muscle mass, but also maintain it during strenuous periods of training.

Eat at the Right Time­ – In order to boost recovery time it is important to fuel your body at the right times of the day. A snack or a small meal around 30 minutes before a training session can help you with this recovery process, as well as helping to prevent you overeating later on in the day when your body is craving food the most. Before a workout it is smart to choose a snack that has more carbs than protein. For a post workout snack as an alternative should have more protein than carbs, maybe as a smoothie or Greek Yoghurt.

At Better Body Group Blackheath we have a range of classes in our top class gym. Our personal trainers understand that each person is different and we’re here to help you maximise your time in the gym, and we can also help with bespoke nutrition plans to help you reach your muscle gain and strength goals. Give us a call today and we’ll get you pumping iron and eating the right way in no time!