Ever had a quest bar? Yes they are absolutely delicious and make the perfect sweet tasting snack coming it at around 200 calories.

This recipe can save you some pennies if you like to have one every day. I think they are great for that time between lunch and dinner.

Ingredients (for 1 cookie):

1 Oreo cookie
25g Vanilla protein
40g Vita Fibre (http://www.musclefood.com/high-protein-snacks-1/make-your-own/vitafiber-low-calorie-sweetener-700g.html)

Pop the vita fibre into a microwavable bowl and place in the microwave on full power for ~40s or until slightly bubbling. Crush up your cookies and put them in the bowl along with the protein powder. Make it into the shape of your choice and refrigerate for ~40mins then remove it and leave to soften, then enjoy!

Per bar: 208kcal (38g Carbs 4g Fat 20g Protein)

Chris Watkinson

Personal Trainer Blackheath