As we get older it becomes harder to maintain our fitness, as our natural levels of fitness will start to decrease and our metabolism begins to slow down. Add to that the physical problems and illnesses that many people suffer due to old age and it can be hard to make time for regular exercise.

It isn’t all lost though, if you are past retirement age you can get fit and maintain it for a few more years just yet!

Hiring a personal trainer doesn’t have to be something for solely younger people. As a retired person you do have more free time to exercise than you would have during your working life, and there are a number of things that are more suitable to older people, easier on the joints and more enjoyable than just slogging away in the gym during an intense workout and getting a sweat on.

At Better Body Group Blackheath we have a team of personal trainers who understand how to tweak and tailor an approach for anyone who enters our gym. For retired people, or those with injuries or long-term health issues, you shouldn’t feel like there are no training options for you. We will speak to you about your desires and personal circumstance and fitness.

From there we’ll put a tailored plan together that suits you and no one else. We will put together sessions that are suited to your age and ability and provide clear signposts so you can see real progress as we work together over time. To find out more give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help.