The fads and health advice that are linked with obesity, and whether you can be fit and healthy but overweight, change with the wind it seems. From the different diets that sweep the nation each year to health advice from the Government on your perfect BMI and 5-a-day food portions, it’s hard to know what the real story is.

There are some that argue that as long as you are physically fit and active on a regular basis it doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, whilst others say that being overweight can bring an early death through multiple complications, no matter if you are physically fit.

What doesn’t seem to be disputed is that being overweight and obese is linked to a higher rate of death from cancer and heart disease, as well as complications from diabetes. It is worth it for your long term health to try and battle both your diet and physical fitness if you are overweight, but it doesn’t have to be about a short-term fix with either, more a steady progression towards a healthier outlook all round.

If you would like to speak with one of our personal trainers at the Blackheath Better Body Group pop down to book a session. We can help you put together a plan to tackle both the training and nutrition side of your life, allowing you to lose weight at a healthy and steady pace whilst changing you diet to be healthier.