GC – “What can I say? George has shown tremendous commitment to his diet plan while continuing to train during the week at his work gym. If he carries on this way, by Christmas he will probably be looking better than me with my top off (wink wink). Well done George, keep it up.”

George D – I believe the conversation between George and myself went something along these lines “I’m seeing all these 4 week transformations in Men’s Heath, how comes you can’t transform me on in 4 weeks?” He replied “you never asked” . Next thing I know I’m have my photo being taken, chest being waxed and eating a hell of a load of chicken. George was brilliant he gave me an eating plan and an exercise plan, he kept in touch between session via text to make sure I was doing OK and trained me like a montage from Rocky. I’m very pleased with the results still need to see six instead of a 4 pack but he has till Christmas.”