If you are looking to control your diet more effectively and want to cut down on snacking throughout the day it can be really hard to change your mind-set. Here, we look at a few tips to help you stop with the snacks.

Regular Meals – Your blood sugar levels need to be stabilised every 3-4 hours if you are trying to lose weight, so it is ok to snack, but only if you time when you are going to eat and treat a snack as a meal so that you don’t overeat.

Always Know Your Calories – For any meal you should understand the calories you are consuming. This is even more important as you cut down on the excess food intake from snacking. If you are trying to lose weight you should give yourself no more than 200 calories for a snack meal.

Snack Smart – Choose healthy foods that will help to curb hunger. The last thing that you want is to be REALLY hungry going into your next meal, as this is when overeating can occur. The danger time for most is the long gap between lunch and dinner in the afternoon.

Working with a personal trainer on a bespoke nutrition plan can help to focus your mind and give you that push to succeed at your goal to lose weight through cutting out your snacking habits. Come speak to us at our Blackheath gym to find out more.