During the summer we were all riveted by the guts and determination of athletes across the sporting spectrum. How do they get to those heights of sporting achievement on such a consistent basis? One of the things you may have spotted, especially in the pool, was the bruises on athletes, left behind from the ancient art of cupping.

Cupping is when glass cups are heated up and placed on the skin. The air traps between the glass and skin, creating a suction event as it cools and causing small blood vessels under the skin to break.

For many a top-level athlete, cupping is used as a recovery tool, a way to stimulate and increase blood flow, but scientific research has so far found it to have more of a placebo effect. To get to the top of your profession, whether sporting or otherwise, you need to have that mental toughness and edge. Cupping might just bring that level of focus that helps keep someone at the top, as well as leaving a bruise that is a reminder of what they are willing to do to win.

Although cupping might not be an approach for amateurs looking to gain an edge into their own personal discovery and physical improvement, it does demonstrate clearly the desire that high-level athlete’s have and what is possible for a human being to endure in the pursuit of physical greatness.

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