From Granada to Grenada.

We had been living in Spain (see the before photo) and on return to the UK visits to our doctors back in October 2013 highlighted some problems with our weight and consequently with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  As we are both keen sailors we knew that if we were to continue to enjoy our sailing we both needed to do something about our health.   We both have had surgery to knees and shoulders, and bits were beginning to wear out, so we were both nervous of doing any exercise that might aggravate any old injuries (well, that was our excuse and we were sticking to it).

Like most people our age (54 and 52), who sit at a desk all day, we fooled ourselves into believing that the long walks on Sunday mornings would be enough. They weren’t. We needed to do something more radical and as neither of us are ‘gym’ people and never enjoyed the leotard-wearing, mirror-posing environment found in most High Street gyms, where you felt obliged to go for several hours a week just to get value for your money, we had to find an alternative.

This came in the shape of The Better Body Group. So, it was with some trepidation we started our first session in November 2013.  Yes, some of the equipment looks scary, but you are carefully shown how to use each piece of kit and steered away from anything that is not appropriate for your own personal training programme.  We embarked on a determined effort to lose weight and hopefully get the blood pressure and cholesterol under control. We liked the idea of a no-nonsense, spa-less, mirror-less gym and from our first night we were hooked. The friendly, relaxed but serious  atmosphere was made all the better by the introduction to our first-ever personal trainer – Danni Pryor. With the general ‘work-hard’ atmosphere and with Danni’s gentle but firm style – neither of us take kindly to being told what to do – I lost over 3 stone and Karen, nearly 2 stone in just under 6 months.  Colin’s blood pressure is now normal and HDL cholesterol has dropped to near normal levels.   To top it all, we got married in April this year in Grenada and the wedding photo attests to the fact that we reached our target weight.

Danni helped us develop the confidence and strength to use our  ‘worn-out’ bits properly and safely.  We loved the way the programme worked. We had one weekly session with Danni topped-up with a couple of half hour slots exercising on our own using a short programme designed by Danni. Consequently much less time commitment was needed than in a traditional gym and we’re signing up for another 6 months.

But, it’s not just the increased fitness levels for sailing; or the strengthened limbs and joints or even the obvious health benefits that we are so pleased with but also the general, overall feeling of well-being that has got us completely hooked on the Better Body Group concept – aided and abetted, of course, by the great enthusiasm and encouragement of all of the very friendly trainers . But our special thanks has to go to Danni Pryor – not just a trainer but hopefully, also a friend – for helping change our lives for the better.

We would recommend The Better Body Group to anyone – young or old, fit or not – wanting to change their lives and, to steal a well-known phrase – it does what it says on the tin. And more!