How ‘Fat Mike’ lost nine stone

Mike Shaw

by Alec Lom form the Daily Telegraph
Fat MikeWith his wedding looming, Mike Shaw decided it was time to tackle his weight problem once and for all.. I have always been big. But, until recently, I considered myself fairly fit, too. I could play football, run, and enjoy the odd game of tennis without aching and wheezing. I wasn’t a super-sportsman, but neither was I a wobbly mess who broke into a sweat walking up stairs.

That was until a few years ago, when I moved in with my fianceé, Rachel. Together, we would enjoy excellent home-cooked meals – often washed down with wine…
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Losing 10 Stone – Shaheen Khan’s testimonial

Shaheen Khan

Sheehan came to the Better Body Shop after, like most people, trying all the fashionable diet plans losing a little, but putting more back on again. She knew she had to change her lifestyle, learn about exercise and how to eat to burn fat and fuel her muscles for exercise. She appeared confident on the outside, always the joker, taking the knocks, holding her head high as she walked down the street, but crying inside as people stared at her and she heard comments behind her back.

In the pictures you see she is over 20 stone, her starting point. Her dream was to be 10 stone, be able to buy clothes off high street pegs, wear killer heels and to walk down the street feeling happy inside…
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Medical – Saving lives – Richard West

Richard West

Two years ago, after many years of stomach problems, my specialist told me that I must have a large part of my colon removed. I wanted to have this done by ‘keyhole’ surgery as the recovery time is about 3 months shorter and the scars are almost non existent. To make this kind of surgery an option I was told that I must loose at least one stone in weight and if I achieved this then the chances of the surgeon having to convert to the conventional open surgery would be a lot less. As open surgery often leaves the patient with a six inch scar, a need for repeat surgery and a colostomy bag I was anxious to lose the weight and quickly…
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Not just Fat loss – Athletes too… Stephen O’keeffe

Stephen O’keeffe

Fighter BeltWhen I quit my job in August to be a professional mixed martial artist I knew I needed to do something to improve my fitness. M. M. A. is the World’s fastest growing sport so every fighter is trying to be the best they can be. After speaking to the guys from the Better Body Shop they advised me on the type of training that would vastly improve my athlete performance…
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