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10 01, 2017

Training with Your Family – The Collective Spirit to Push You Forwards

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If you have been resisting heading to the gym to train, or enter specialist classes, because of shyness or a lack of confidence in your appearance or abilities, why not think about taking your family with you? Training with your family is a great way [...]

29 12, 2016

Benefits of Strength and Conditioning Training

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There are a few benefits for those people who are looking to improve their strength and conditioning as part of their training regime. Here we take a look at three of the main benefits of strength and conditioning training. Improve Your Performance - Strength training [...]

14 12, 2016

Benefits of Training with a Partner

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Some people thrive on their own when it comes to training, whilst others need the help of a training partner, personal trainer or the camaraderie of a small group. Here we look at the benefits of training with other people. Outside Viewpoint – You are [...]

25 11, 2016

Cupping – Just for Olympians?

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During the summer we were all riveted by the guts and determination of athletes across the sporting spectrum. How do they get to those heights of sporting achievement on such a consistent basis? One of the things you may have spotted, especially in the pool, [...]

11 11, 2016

The Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

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High-Intensity interval training comprises of any type of physical workout that switches between intense periods of activity and less-intense activity or rest for certain periods throughout the routine. Whether this is two minutes running as fast as you can, followed by three minutes of walking, [...]

15 08, 2016

Online Personal Training: What’s It All About?

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Some people are always going to be too busy to make regular appointments to meet with a Blackheath personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on the idea of personal training! A personal trainer is a great way to shed extra [...]

15 08, 2016

Staying Fit Past Retirement Age

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One of the hardest parts about growing old is the fact that your metabolism slows down, and you start to suffer from various physical ailments. Simply put, the body starts to break down as you age, and this can make exercise seem more difficult. However, [...]

10 11, 2015

Do you Push Up?

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A good push is a great exercise for developing strength in the chest, triceps and shoulders whilst also requiring some decent core and ab strenth to be performed correctly. Unfortunately I see them get basterdised in the gym on a fairly regular basis. Done correctly [...]

2 11, 2015

3 Exercises for Great Glutes

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A lot of the time I start these articles by hilariously (?) suggesting someone has asked me about my Adonis like abs/arms/chest and therefore I’ve got to write said article for them blahblahblah which is all massive lies. BUT people do genuinely ask me how [...]