Some people thrive on their own when it comes to training, whilst others need the help of a training partner, personal trainer or the camaraderie of a small group. Here we look at the benefits of training with other people.

Outside Viewpoint – You are likely to be too harsh on your own results when reflecting on how a training session has gone, how well your latest run went or even the technique you have been using in the gym. An outside perspective offers an honest appraisal of how good you’ve been, and what needs improvement.

Competitiveness – All people thrive under some sort of competition. Training with other helps you to raise your standards, as well as give each other encouragement to become a better trainer. This can even work if one person is vastly superior or more experienced at something than others in the group.

Accountability – It’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to go out to the gym and put the hard work in. There are some days that you just don’t feel like doing it! Training with other people means there are defined plans that you should keep, as you wouldn’t want to let others down. This improves your progress as a result.

At Better Body Blackheath we offer small group training sessions, so you can pop along with your partner, friends and family or others and give each other that boost to keep going when you need support the most. To find out more, give us a call and our fully qualified personal trainers will be able to suggest the right approach for you and your group.