There are a few benefits for those people who are looking to improve their strength and conditioning as part of their training regime. Here we take a look at three of the main benefits of strength and conditioning training.

Improve Your Performance – Strength training benefits athletes involved in all sports and levels of competitiveness. As you get stronger you can specialise which part of your body needs extra strength but overall this type of training will help you get better and raise your performance levels and consistency.

Improve Your Quality of Life – The stronger you are, and the longer you take part in strength and conditioning sessions, the better your body will look and the greater and more healthy you’ll feel. As you build your muscle mass your metabolism rate will increase, leading to more calories being burned, raising energy levels and increasing fat burning potential.

Reduce Injury Risk and Spring-Back Quicker – As you improve your strength your bones will become stronger and healthier, as well as your muscles and surrounding tissues. This ensures your body is more capable of taking the strain of training and sport and you’ll see fewer injuries as a result, as well as faster recovery rates.

At Better Body Blackheath we have highly qualified professional trainers who can offer specific advice and guidance as part of a strength and conditioning training session. If you’d like to improve your strength and condition your body for the physical challenges ahead, come visit us or give us a call today to book a session with one of our trainers.