High-Intensity interval training comprises of any type of physical workout that switches between intense periods of activity and less-intense activity or rest for certain periods throughout the routine. Whether this is two minutes running as fast as you can, followed by three minutes of walking, and repeat, or something a bit more strenuous and over a longer distance, it will be a high-intensity interval training session. Here we look at the benefits to you:

It’s Super Efficient and Time Sensitive – If you’ve got a busy lifestyle but want to keep in shape, HIIT training can help. You will burn calories fast and improve your aerobic capacity in a shorter time frame than some other types of training.

No Equipment Required – Not only does it fit into a busy timeframe, high-intensity training doesn’t require any extra equipment, just your body and your commitment to the cause.

Focused and Challenging – With some forms of exercise you can continue to talk to others, whilst with this type of training it is all about the focus and the hard work, helping you reach your goals.

Burn Fat and Lose Weight – High-intensity training will help you burn more calories at a faster rate than you’re used to. Combined with a weight-training program it is also a great way to lose fat, whilst maintaining muscle growth.

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